Why Double Glazed

Double glazing is a sound investment and comes with numerous benefits:

Up to 18% of heat in a typical uninsulated house is lost through windows, resulting in increased fuel bills, higher CO2 emissions and other unwanted side effects such as condensation and louder noise levels from outside, especially noticeable if you live on a busy road.

Installers of Double Glazed Sash Windows LondonReduced heat loss:

One of the most significant flaws with single glazing is the amount of heat that it allows to escape. In an era of heightened awareness of CO2 emissions, losing up to 90% of your household heat through windows is highly inefficient. Double glazed windows benefit from an argon filled air gap between the two panes of glass which helps to keep heat within your house – rather than out in your garden! The science behind the argon gas, which is very safe as it is found in the air we breathe, comes down to it being a greater insulator of heat than plain oxygen.

Double glazed windows not only stop heat escaping, but also have the ability to reflect the sun’s rays off the glass. This works both ways in that during winter it retains heat, and during summer it helps insulate the property from the permeating sun’s rays, thus keeping the house cooler. Installing double glazed windows will make your property warmer, more comfortable and will lower your heating bills. Tests have shown that reduction in heat loss of up to 90% is possible when converting a house from single to double glazing. This gives you a great saving on your household heating bills.

Reduced damp:

The thicker and double layer panes of glass with the argon air pocket have the added benefit of reducing damp also. This occurs through a reduction in condensation. Most single glazed windows will start harbouring condensation when the temperature outside drops, and subsequently starts to grow mould. Double glazed windows, however, greatly reduce this and may only show minor condensation when there is a dramatic temperature difference in winter.

Increased home security:

victoriasliderDouble glazed windows not only look great but also keep your home more secure. The most common way for burglars to enter your home is through the window. Double glazing is far sturdier than single glazing and extremely secure, helping to deter possible thieves. Double glazed windows have a vast range of home security features such as heavy duty locks made from high quality reinforced metals, all of which help to increase the security of your home.

Reduced noise level:

Double glazing is designed to efficiently block out external noise. Whether it be noisy neighbours or the sound of a busy road this window solution can help, reducing noise by as much as 50 per cent.

Double glazing will help reduce the noise inside your home because:

  • Windows are one of the main sources for sound to enter your home, changing them can make a substantial difference.
  • Double glazed windows have a gap between the two panes of glass, this gap breaks up the sound waves before they enter the home, effectively reducing the noise levels.

Maintenance Free:

Once installed double glazed windows are maintenance-free. They will look great for years to come and you won’t have to worry about upkeep. The most popular material used is high quality PVCU-U frames. The frames are durable, stylish and hassle free compared to window frames made from inferior materials. PVCU-U provides superb resistance to the elements and contain eco-friendly compounds as an added bonus.

These modern materials are far more long lasting than wooden windows; they don’t rust or chip and have a much longer lifespan compared to their wooden counterparts. This eliminates the painstaking job of repainting or sanding down the frames. Double glazed windows simply need a wash with a suitable window cleaning detergent. For those getting particularly greasy, mixing water and white vinegar and wiping the widows leaves a streak free non greasy surface.

Last but not least double glazing is recognised as being a selling feature of a property. As the windows come in a range of styles, designs and colours it is well worth investing.

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